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Default Grandma Gina and uncle Steve may have crossed.

A surprise in the bean dept.

I have about two dozen uncle Steve seeds that are mostly black with white speckles instead of their normal cream and purple speckled. Grandma Gina was growing next to uncle Steve this year, and last year. This could be a really interesting cross if that's what happened.
Grandma Gina is a huge Romano bean I got from someone back in the garden web days. One bean can feed two people. I'm exaggerating, but only a little.
After having crossing issues years ago with my uncle Steve beans I always put a bean with a much different seed next to mine so if crossing occurs it is readily noticeable.
Grandma Gina is the only black seeded pole bean the last two years in the garden.

Now a question. Is the seed coat different as a result of cross pollination this year, or
Did the cross happen last year? Uncle Steve seeds planted this year were from last years seeds which all looked normal.

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