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i am getting a fair amount of seed from the bean cross, more than i was expecting
given the frost we got about ten days ago. beans left out have dried down to leathery
stage which is good enough for seed saving.

the surprise i am seeing is not all seeds are the same.
most of the seeds look like what i planted, dark blue/black with light brown
mottling. i am also getting all blue/black seeds similar to grandma gina, and seeds
that look like uncle steve seeds, light tan with purple whorls.
the bean pods that are a lighter green color are giving me light plum purple seeds.
the beans are growing on a separate fence so no chance of getting mixed up with grandma gina or uncle steve both of which i am growing.

i think i remember reading that with a bean cross, according to one of our bean experts, what you get is a stable cross right off the bat unlike a tomato cross
that has to be stabilized to f7 or f8. is that correct?

so what gives?

don't abort. we'll adopt.
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