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Default More Fall Planting

Yesterday was cool and overcast, a fine day for transplanting. I got several more broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower plants set out. The fourth and last batch is under the lights.

There are now three Packman and three Umpquas broccolis out now, each planting about two weeks apart. These are the Packman plants, set out 9/7, 9/19, 9/28.

In the front are six of the eight cauliflower plants with collards and kale on the other side of the bed. The cauli were planted in sets of two on the same dates as the broccoli.

The bush beans are getting bigger and flowering. I remembered how they flopped towards the middle of the bed in the spring, making picking a stretch until I ran some baling twine down that side of the plants to hold them up. So that's what I did yesterday before they got that big although they were already starting to lean over. I can add a second string higher later if necessary. Contender beans on the left, Provider on the right.

Two more straightneck squash were transplanted out on Sep 4 and are being grown to a stake, something tried for the first time this spring and that worked really well. I think being off the ground is keeping them healthier. Yesterday I picked the first squash from each plant. Loads of flowers too! Tomorrow I need to mulch these and the other recent transplants after today's promised rain has passed.

And finally, it's always nice to enjoy the fruits of the labor. One lunch this week was kielbasa simmered in homemade kraut, carrots, green beans simmered with potatoes. Good stuff, a real quick fix and a lot more on the shelves!

It's supposed to rain today which means that tomorrow I can finish up mulching to lock in the moisture.
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