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Default Scratchin' The Spring Itch A Little

We've been cruising along in the upper 60's-low 70's but cold weather is finally tapping us on the shoulder tonight. "Remember me?" Uh huh! Here's this week:

Yesterday before the rain came in I got four beds covered. The carrot and the turnip beds got plastic over them and the two brassica beds just got light row cover as they're better adapted to the cold.

Today the wind was blowing all day, gusting to 24 at times, enough to actually blow the hoops right out of the anchor pipes! That's never happened before. That only happened on the two fabric covers, not the plastic. I fixed them twice and if they blow off again, too bad. I think the wind's dying back a bit.

The garden in winter always looks bare and lonely. Closest to the camera is an area that will have four double rows of corn.

I mentioned the other day feeling spring creeping closer. Well, yesterday I had to scratch that itch by laying out where the new tomato pallet row and double corns rows will be. Pairs of rows 1' apart and 3' between pairs. The corn rows are the short markers with the red tape tied to them. Kind of hard to see on a gloomy day.

Marked with the two white markers, the row of pallets for tomatoes will sit below the corn rows this coming spring with a bed for sunflowers below that. I wanted to see if the garden map was accurate enough that everything would fit as planned. It did! This new location for the tomato row will have full morning sun, some shade from a cedar tree part of the early afternoon and then full sun until dark. I really hope it's the happy medium I'm looking for.
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Wow, you are a meticulous gardener!
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