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Default Last Brassicas Join The Party

I can walk on the knee pretty good but the doc wasn't pleased with some of the swelling and ordered staying off of it, more ice and more elevation. I'm trying to be a good girl and complying but will do a quick visit to the garden later today with Pickles to put some protection over the few plants that went out last week. Lots of wind today and getting down to 29 tonight. At least today we will see the sun after a long gloomy stretch of rain and drizzle. I was about to start growing moss on my north side.

Three days ago I started the last of the three rounds of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage plants.

One broccoli and one cabbage sprouted up yesterday. There was nothing else up at 6am this morning but by 9:30 more decided to have their birthday so they got uncovered. It's nice to see green sprouting up!

Still to come up are the two 6-packs of asparagus seeds and a couple of cabbage seeds. Soon will begin the lights dance where the seedlings and I do a do-si-do with light heights as things grow at different rates.

Meanwhile most everything started 1/22 and 1/26 are out on the porch getting used to real life, both Rounds 2 & 3.

The next round of seed starting will be next Sunday when peppers and eggplants will get started. A week later we'll sow the first radishes in the garden and I'll start the other half of the scallion seedlings. Staggering the scallion planting is working well. We're about done the first half of the fall scallions and ready to start pulling the second planting. That way the last ones to be pulled aren't so big and tough.
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You have nice seedlings.
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