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Old February 12, 2009   #16
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"I can dream about a large garden, but we may end up in a condo, with even less actual space to garden and with more restrictions. Sighhhh. Oh well. C'est la vie!"
I started to read condo, and I though oh no!! That's like gardener's purgatory. As you said C'est la vie.
I hope your feeling better soon!
"I wake to sleep and take my waking slow"
-Theodore Roethke

Yes, we have a great party for WNY/Ontario tomato growers every year on Grand Island!
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Zana & Remy, thank you!!

Remy, yes, this happened last year but I did find them last year. No such luck this year.

OK, so if it's possible, here's what I'm looking for...

From Zana - White Rabbit, Pink Brandywine, and Wes

And from Remy - Rose Beauty, Earls Faux, and Rinaldo.

I put in an order for the following: (if you want me to send you any of these in exchange, let me know!!!)

Orange Pixie
Virgina Sweets
Marvel Stripe
Purple Calabash
and a Sun Gold Hybrid

I'll PM you with my address and to arrange for me to pay you postage.
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Old February 14, 2009   #18
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Oh Zana, I forgot, can I get yellow pear tomato too?
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Originally Posted by PNW_D View Post
Received seed for Olive Hill from Spudleaf Willie - here is the background I've saved to my computer (still doesn't give original source though)

NM MA W 06 via MO WA C 1993 Tom/Pink Indet PL 80-85 days seed from 11:5 oz fruit tasty and juicy another oldie not grown much any more. . Bill says: another “oldie but goodie”, excellent pink PL tasty and juicy with good flavor. Not grown much any more and is somewhat rare. 2006 seed from an 11.5 oz. fruit.
Korney says in 2007: I'm growing many varieties from Bill Malin this year. Here's Olive Hill--maybe somebody else can comment on it, but it meets all your criteria: thin skin, PL, large, midseason, very productive, very good taste, indeterminate, etc. It is a little bigger than you wanted though--10-12oz. Production is pretty high for me--some clusters have 3 to 5 fruits.

Bill called me a couple weeks ago and did confirm that Olive Hill was indeed from Olive Hill, Kentucky.
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