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Default 26 April 2017 Planting Vidalia Onion eedlings/HTML/ 26 April 2017 Planting Vidalia Onion Seedlings
Two flats of Vidalia onion seedlings were purchased and planted. This onion grows to about tennis ball size and has absolutely no sting. It makes a nice sandwich onion. It is comparable to the much touted Walla Walla onion. 8 August 2016 Vidalia Onion
My patch of Vidalia onions were harvested today. All the green part had fallen over and was soft. Nineteen pounds were obtained a total of 24 bulbs. The smallest was 298 grams and the largest 477 grams. I ate half an onion and the heat was barely perceptible, which was my aim in growing them.
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Those look great. Thank you for the sweet onion idea. I have limited bed space. I want to grow primarily sweet juicy onions and enjoy them for the short time they will hold, not pungent keepers that I can buy cheaply the rest of the year.

I ikely buy from a limited selection of long day Dixondale product at a local independent center (a lot of someones here in Omaha must be buying the short day onions with Texas in the name ...) I may place a request with the local garden center if it isn't too late.

What has a good onion flavor without the strong aftertaste... raw for hamburgers, salad, fried with steak. Don't need a basketball sized onion, just a flavorful one.

- Lisa
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Medbury Gardens
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Different looking onion that way that skin splits like that, just a good size too.

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