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Bill, I've been saying for years that BW Sudduth does well in the hot weather of the mid South. One of my best tomato beds ever was a 4 x 12 bed of about 6 BW Sudduths. I had some this year and I'll have a lot more next year.

My Goliath's are splitting, but I think it's because one of my helpers has turned the irrigation on too much. They are still loaded with fruit, but splitting. My Better Boy's and Big Beef's fruit production is still doing fine, no splitting, although the foliage is starting to dry up and fall. It's been a great year but I think it will be over by mid August, if not before.
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Don I wouldn't get too enthusiastic over Brandywine Sudduth's doing great in the heat. I have to say it has been one of my most productive this year but that is an exception. About every three to five years BS does fantastic even when it is very hot but usually they slack off big time once the 90s get here. Brandywine Cowlicks usually out performs Sudduth in the heat but not always. That is why I always try to plant a good mix of varieties. I can never tell from one season to the next which variety will be the best producer and almost every time I bet on one or two that did well then the next year they invariably do poorly or only fair the next year. However after over 4 decades of growing tomatoes I do have a good idea of which ones will generally produce at least a decent quantity of good fruits almost every year in our southern climate. Below is a list of most of them.

Aunt Ginny's Purple
Arkansas Traveler
Brandywine Cowlick's and Sudduth
Red Brandywine ( from TGS)
Neves Azorean Red
Couilles de Tareau
Red Barn
Pruden's Purple
Giant Belgium
Crynkovic Yugoslav
Limbaugh's Legacy
Kentucky Wonder
Granny Cantrell
Barlow Jap
Indian Stripe PL and Indian Stripe
Gary O' Sena
JD's Special C Tex

I do grow some other varieties but the ones above are the varieties I count on year after year. I used to count heavily on Big Beef which does well in the heat but since my fusarium problems got so bad I no longer grow it. All my plants are grafted onto a fff root stock because of my severe fusarium problems.

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Default Tomatoes Still Going

Hi Don,
The three varieties I have that are still producing are Park's Whopper Improved, Jet Star, and Cherokee Purple. These three are still setting fruit and the mature fruit has not split despite the rain deluge we have been having (about 7 inches in the last 2 weeks).
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My Rutgers, Indian Strip PL, and Big Beef, are all reviving a bit. Nothing earth shattering, but there is about 12 or so recently set between the 3 plants.
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