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Default japanese beetles

for the past few days there have been jb on my eggplants' leaves. when at work, i'd have to say they could have been on the plants for many hours. the odd thing is i see none of the leaves eaten.

are jp just attracted to eggplant or do they eat the leaves or do they just nibble? like the 1st or last would be true!

short of floating row covers, which prevents pollenators from getting to the flowers, is there an organic way to deter or kill the jp? i'm not aware of anything other than surround and i don't have it. i have been hand picking but when i go to work i'm gone all day. i really do not remember this being a problem last year. perhaps they were there but did no damage or never went to the eggplants. they sure like beans but i don't see them there which are 100' from the eggplants.

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