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Default Feeling Embarrassed, however..

I don't know how to tell when the eggplant is ripe. Last year we had 2 or 3 types (LDG and Ichiban for sure, I think also one other) This year we just got Black Beauty for the nurseru, I think. But, how do you know they are ripe? Can't figure this one out. Do you go by size? feel? The seed packets from last year are no help either. I'm stumped....
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Hey Laurel - they are ripe when they are big enough for you to enjoy...each has a maximum size, and once it reaches that, can go overripe pretty quickly. When they are glossy and of intense color is peak quality. Dullness and fading color, toward yellow, indicates good for seed saving or the compost pile only!

for Black Beauty, which I am also growing, I am picking them at 4 inches across at the bottom and 5-6 inches "long" or thereabouts. There is no problem with picking them too young, only problems when you pick them too old.
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