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Default Moving Right Along

Yesterday it was time to do some re-potting, mostly peppers , an eggplant and roselle as plant roots were ready for more room. These are the new ‘St. Kitts and Nevis’ roselle I’m playing with this year. They can’t take a bit of frost and don’t like to be chilly so they won’t get planted until around May 15th. I probably started them too early as they’re fast growers.

I use these 24 oz cottage cheese containers with ¼” drain holes drilled in the bottoms. They make a nice sized transplant and they’re basically free once you’ve bought the cottage cheese. :rolleyes:

The sweet potato slips are coming right along. The seed potatoes are descendents from the 2016 crop, the first time I ever grew them . The variety is ‘Jewel’, it’s nematode resistant and that first sweet potato was an organic one that came from a Publix supermarket. They hold really well in storage.

These are some of the 21 varieties of tomatoes (one of each) we’re growing this year and we’re looking for heat tolerance, a good paste and a good cherry. They’re all OP so if I find what I want I’ll be saving the seed.

The peas are starting to bloom! That means about 20 days on average until the first picking.

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