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Default Another Diggin' and Prep Day

It's been a long garden week. Yesterday I got the okra area worked up and prepped six holes. That's about all the okra we need.

Today was another diggin' day. Planting dates approach! I had started forking up a bed for sweet potatoes two days ago and got one pass done down the middle before I ran out of energy. A lot of Bermuda grass on each end to slow down progress.

This morning I went down both sides of that bed and hilled it up so it's ready for planting on Thursday. Then this afternoon I forked an adjacent row, put in support posts and Pickles helped get the fencing attached to the trellis for climbing 'Alabama Blackeye Butter Beans' and 'Cherokee Trail Of Tears' beans. DONE! Those will be planted Wednesday.

This morning I discovered that the deer had come munching last night. Somebody strolled down the center path and took a taste of 5' of the young plants in pea bed #2, the one that got planted late due to wet weather.

This afternoon while I was watering everything I discovered that the "somebody" also nibbled here and there on some carrot tops. Apparently GoDawgs Spring Salad Bar is open for business.
Oh well, there's enough for everybody...unless "somebody" invites their friends!
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