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Tom Wagner
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Default "Ellen Valencia" A new potato variety

One of several hundred seedling clones of a cross of Yellow Finn to Adora is set to be named Ellen Valencia.

It is an oval/round yellow skin, yellow flesh alternative to the Yukon Gold. It has the same low carb attribute as Adora and the flavor somewhat like Yellow Finn. It is high yielding; a single hill of about 3 lbs, cut up and planted made nearly 200 lbs!

I grew this variety where Ellen Valencia used to grow strawberries in her backyard garden. I am using her first and middle name to honor her. She died at the age of 99 a few years ago and her daughter wants her to be remembered, thus the reason for the variety name.

For three years now, starting with the first year seedling hill stage, this clone and its siblings are met with great acceptance. The sibs are grown on several organic farms in and around Carnation, WA. Because of the low solids (low carbs) it boils very nicely. It makes super potato salad and Au Gratin dishes.

Ellen Valencia's daughter liked the flavor so much that she agreed to help me in the cost of tissue culture clean-up costs. In order to grow certified seed, it must be free of all pathogens.

Yellow Finn is the Holy Grail of potatoes here in the PNW. It is late maturing, too small of tubers, has a scaly skin and has a slightly knobby stem end often time. So this new clone may be one alternative for the future. It does well on organic soils as well as conventional.

Ellen Valencia's pioneer parents are from Sweden and Finland, and I think it is fitting that a Yellow Finn is involved in the pedigree.

Such as it is in a day of picking potato berry crosses and naming potatoes.

Tom Wagner
Redmond, WA
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