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Default New raised beds under plastic..

Last couple of days I have been tackling one of those long awaited "projects". The kind that you know one day you will eventually get too.

The plan all along for the tunnel was raised beds. Just a matter of getting there. Im a fan of raised beds for several reasons. Better drainage, soil warms faster, more organized, etc. For reference, the tunnel is 12x48. The beds are 2x48.

These beds on the sides are built from Pressure Treated lumber. I spent a great deal of time on this matter. Im not convinced that the modern stuff poses any hazard what so ever. And honestly, I feel like the "scare tactics" about the old preservative is based on some really dicey "science". But thats a discussion for another day.

Nothing is planted in the beds yet due to all the flats in the way. Im hoping this weekend I can sell a whole bunch of plants to make room for planting. Otherwise its going to get very crowded. Even if I have to pull every other flat out to stick a seedling in, ill do what I have to do.

The 188 bags in the middle are Roma II bush beans. My all time favorite. Just starting to germ. These will probably fizzle out by about mid-June, based on last years evidence. Once they fizzle, all these bags will be replaced with raised beds. The bags will be used elsewhere at that point, until they are no longer usable.

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