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Christine, it's thunderstorming here in B-more right now. I hope Mother Nature gets all this rain out of her system tonight and it's clear tomorrow. BTW, my toenails are green, and my fingernails are purple, orange, red, yellow, and green (one color per nail on each hand). When you add in my tomato-pink hair, I don't think you have to worry about looking silly compared to me. I also will be wearing tomato earrings and the rare tomato perfume that I only wear once a year.

I finally feel like I can relax. The bacon is cooked, the lettuce is torn up, my sister found both Old Bay and Duke's Mayo, and Greg is coming to our rescue with the gazebo so we can grill. Theresa and I went out for crabcakes with our Dad tonight, and couldn't stop talking about MAGTAG. He's turning 87 Sunday and still wouldn't miss it, so why should the rest of us wimp out? I honestly think he considers it one big birthday party for him.

My teenage nephew Ed is really excited to be coming, but not because of the tomatoes - DH Dave is taking him to see Judas Priest in Columbia tomorrow night. His family is dropping him off after MAGTAG, and he'll be staying the night. I have to say it's kind of weird that a kid would like the same bands that were popular with his own parents' generation. Apparently, this is common these days, though.
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What a fab party! I can say this even though my tomato-red nails were quite eclipsed by yours, Ceil. So many interesting people to talk to. Good food, good tomatoes. What more could anyone possibly want?

Greg, Rick sends many thanks for the beer (ale?). And why was your tomato blue?

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A couple of things I have recently learned at MAGTAG 2009. Pay attention to the person wearing the T shirt saying "Do not make me use my opera voice"; Learn Polish for the songs; Fight for an award ribbon made by the Flynns (they're actually a medal to be hung around the neck and worthy of any state event) ; Belgian Wit made in Maryland is pretty tasty (there was a gentleman wandering around repeating, "the beer should get an award, the beer should get an award" I am not making this up. I can point to the man, er now; Tomato pie???; Hair color can be a nice statement; Zucchini cake is delicious; Trudi is worth mentioning special. I had no idea.; and those that missed,were missed. Love you all. Hope to see you again soon. Hank

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