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Default MAGTAG Tomato Presentation and Rating

I no most of you already know this but I thought I'd toss it out for anyone with questions about how we dude-it.

For those bringing tomatoes for the tasting:

To present and have your tomato rated we will have paper plates and red plastic cups available. Write the name of your TOMATO on a cup and a plate. Definitely, place YOUR name or initials on the bottom of the cup and perhaps even the plate. Place your tomato or tomatoes on the plate with a few slices cut from one of them if you so desire. Remember presentation is everything!

When rating a tomato, look for the clear plastic cups holding the pennies that will be spread around the tasting area. After tasting the tomato you will have four possible ratings:

Yuck! - No pennies
Good enough to eat again - one penny
Very good, do they have takeout? - two pennies.
In my top 5, a definite favorite - three pennies.

Cecelia, do you concur?

Then at the end we will inspect the cups and grab the obvious heavy ones. Will weigh the cups in an effort to find the top twenty. If some weigh the same we will count the pennies (I want a recount!)

If the top 2 are the same we will find a food critic to make the final choice as long as one is available.

Then Cecila will hand out the unique yet sublime Ribbon's to all the lucky winners starting with #20.

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