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Originally Posted by greenthumbomaha View Post
Darn it Robert, I thought we were on to something tasty with Nadapeno. Have you tried grilling any of these heatless peppers to bring out the jalapeno flavor? Maybe pickled?

My Nadapeno plant is toast from the hail but I just replanted with a Bonnie Coolapeno. Probably all the same but one can hope.

- Lisa
Lisa, that hail storm was horrible. 'I feel sorry for you' - isn't a good way to put it, but I don't have the right words. I'm glad you are okay - to me that's way more to-the-point.

I have not gotten the chance to try the Nadapeno or Fooled You peppers grilled, sautéed, or any way other than my grandchildren eating them as soon as I tell them it's time to pick them.

I have found in the past that the boring banana pepper (Not the hot variety) has a wonderful scent and taste when sautéed or dried to make chili powder. I should have grown some this year.
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