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I’m still collecting tomatoes—last night was suppose to be our first frost, but it only got down to 38F. However, I know my time is limited. When I arrived at work at 6:30 this morning in Boulder there were some flurries being blown in from the mountains.
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Emily is somewhat studier then others and it tends to last a bit longer then some but it is oddly shaped (heart shaped) and so folks may shy away from it, though it tends to be large which folks may like. Now if you can just get them to taste it!

If you want to try a grow out feel free but their may still be some variation in the seedlings. I don't think its entirely stable yet and I have had a problem with my garden that has prevented me from saving seeds for several years. Hopefully this year will be different and I can offer some seeds this fall. If you want to try it out with the seeds you have feel free. Also if you want some seed from me that I saved this year I could send you some.

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