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Default Tasty Time Had By All

If you missed MagTag, you missed a great party! Lots of amazing tomatoes, and fabulous food to go with them! Even the weather cooperated. It was much cooler this year, which was nice.

My personal favorite tomatoes were Greg's red (pink?) Morx, and a full-size green tomato -- Green Doctor Frosted, maybe. I'm not sure I've ever tried a green tomato before, and certainly didn't expect it to be so rich and complex. (It's just that they look so... unripe.) I may have to try growing some green ones next year.

Best food: My hotdog, all seared brown, with mustard and grilled onions.

Thank you to everyone for coming with a.) your tomatoes for all of us to try; and b.) lots of yummy food. And massive thanks to Ceil and Greg and everyone else who helped put it all together.

Also thanks to Trudy for bringing us seeds to try next year! And to Greg's kids who made the glittering awards, although it must be said that Greg ended up taking most of those back home.

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My coworker and I had a great time. I'm happy I found someone to ride with me this year.

The food was great!

Thanks everyone and it was nice seeing familiar faces again (and meeting new).


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It really was a great day for a Tomato Festival, wasn't it? I've posted the winners in a separate thread. My 9th-place award is hanging on my office door!
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