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I don't know what variety they would be, but very pretty. Are they scented?

I'm tempted to beg some seed from you if they tolerate heat some what.
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Here's a source of ideas, though not seeds -- Annie's sells only plants, and some of the specific cultivars are hard to find elsewhere

You can choose your zone as well as several other parameters.
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I was looking at the descriptions of the beautiful flowers in this thread. Lots of great choices for fall bouquets. I saw a few had 4 months indoors, (!) and additional weeks longer to bloom.

If you are ordering seeds now, what (besides zinnias) have a hope of flowering by early July. I saw the annuals that are growing in a local nursery and they are so tiny still.

- Lisa
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Yeah, that's the trick, knowing what not to grow from seed. Usually I have to fail attempting something from seed first. I don't pay too much attention to the descriptions. With a greenhouse and massive fluctuating spring weather, nothing will go according to plan, anyway.

I'm not in too much of a rush, either. I learned last summer that I can sell at least a few flowers all summer long and into the fall.
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Lisa, I cannot give you definite times of most of the flowers... like Cole said... weather makes all the difference in the world even with a greenhouse or high tunnel. snaps, gladiolas, rudbeckia, cosmos, yarrow are all things that also come to mind when thinking of what blooms early.
carolyn k
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