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Default Canning Season.

Canning Season, just what is it to you?
To me it is all year long almost every week.
I make stuff in huge kettles and can it instead of small kettles many times.
It is easy and fun, at least it is to me.
If you follow rules and get over the fact you aren't going to die from your own canning it gets much better.
The main reason I thought this thread up is just how much and how many jars do you really need to can.
If you find yourself buying more jars and you still have food in the pantry that is old you might want to consider what your are doing and adjust.
I am not a hoarder.
What I have found out for me at this time is I dont need anymore jars.
Most of the time I have just enough for the next project from the jars I have eaten from.
What I do find myself doing is buying more lids and occasionally more rings.
If you find yourself going to the store for the next canning session and you have old stuff in the pantry something is wrong.
Either eat it or toss it out.
I cant count how many pantries growing up I have seen old food in the cellar and yet more jars more food.
This is ((NOT)) what home food preservation is about.
That is home food hording.
The salsa I made today was from jars from the last two weeks I have eaten from and cleaned ready for the next project.
Most of the time these jars never get stored away but are at the ready on the counter.
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