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I actually just got started as well as I’ve been reading up on all of the benefits of using work castings ( there are tons). I’ve had several cold (unsightly) piles of leaves and yard waste sitting for about a year.

I figured I could kill 2 birds with one stone and ordered a 100 gallon smart pot (fabric) filled it up with all the leaves and stuff from the yard. To this I added a wheelbarrow full of horse manure a bunch of alfalfa pellets and crushed basalt rock dust. I let that hot compost until it cooled off.

Then I re amended with 10 lbs neem meal (the castings retain neems beneficial properties) some brown kelp meal and malted barley.

I’ll let that go for about 6 months with 1000 red wriggles (they’ll multiply many times over by then) and I should end up with some pretty premium worm castings.

This is all I add to my no till beds so I combine everything into the vermicompost and apply a thick layer to the no till beds. Just add some compost teas and you’re all set.

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