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Default Flowers this year

For the past several years my flower beds have sat mostly empty. I have 5 different beds in the middle and surrounding my driveway so I though what the heck - I should start my flowers from seed this year.

I know el-zippo about flowers. I have been reading up a little, but not really finding some of the information I need - maybe someone here can help.

The main questions I need to know is what size inserts I should be using in my 1020s and should I plan to pot them up once before transplanting outside?? I hope to grow right from the insert to the ground without having to pot up. I have a variety of mixed 36, 48 and 72 cell inserts.

Here is what I am planting:
Alaska Shasta Daisy
Calendula (Mix)
Columbine (Mixed Colors)
Coreopsis (Early Sunrise)
Gaillardia (Arizona Sun)
Gloriosa Daisy (Double Gold)
Lupine (Mixed)
Morning Glory (Mix) [for around elevated front deck steps and landings]
Pansy (Mix)
Snapdragon (Mix)
Sunflower [several types, for bordering my veg garden - jap beetles love these and leave my peppers alone]
Zinnia (Forecast)

I have already gotten my seed and will start the pansies in about 3 weeks, most of the others in mid-March, sunflowers & zinnias end of April and morning glories mid-May.
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