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Default Zucchini stems splitting

This is a new quandary for me! Went out to do some weeding in the garden this morning and found the main stem on all my zucchini plants are splitting! No signs of pests, and too early for the squash borer. Does anyone know what this is caused from and what I can do about it?? I've been growing zucchini in this region for 15 years and have never encountered this problem.
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I have had that happen before and it caused no problems. I would recommend that you start applying a little Sevin dust on the lower part of your stems and keep it on there until you are tired of eating squash. You might want to dust the split also as a preventative to the SQVB using that spot as an entry point or egg laying spot. You don't need to dust the whole plant just the lower stem to prevent them.

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