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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
May be I dont know it was Chinese cabbage.
Worst year ever due to the rain.
Then all of my lettuce bolted and my radishes didn't do with a hoot.
I am about ready to plant the fall garden if the stinking rain stops.
Snail and slugtropolis all summer long.
Worth I can guess what ate your Chinese cabbage and it was probably those little maggot like insects that get on mustards and turnips and leave them riddled with holes. I tried growing Chinese cabbage a couple of times and those things just love them. Mine looked like they had been shot with pellets for a while then they just got eaten up by them. The only thing I have found that will stop them is Permethrin and it sometimes has to be used more than once. Those things will bore into the heads and so they can't even be poisoned easily and besides I don't like using anything stronger than BT on my cabbages.

I have had bitter cabbage and tough cabbage and both are caused by heat and dry weather. Sometimes during the winter a cabbage will grow so slow that it will be a bit tough but usually cooler weather means more tender and sweet cabbage. It is best if they are feed and watered regularly as they are heavy feeders and taste better when they grow off somewhat fast.

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