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Default Tomatoes Winding Down, Winding Up

The spring-planted tomatoes are hanging in there, a little worse for the wear but still producing.

One thing Pickles and I both agree on is that the the tomatoes with the most letters behind the name haven't done as well as the OP's this year. It's not about the disease resistance but their performance. The Better Boy and Celebrity haven't produced a lot and the tomatoes haven't been as big. The OP's have done much better.

The one that's doing the best right now is Early Girl. She's putting on another round.

The Homestead (L) and the Juliet (R) are still doing well too. The others are making but not like they were. The Homestead starts setting tomatoes later than all of the others but makes up for it by lasting later.

The five tomatoes down in the garden look a bit nekkid because I did the bleach thing and cut out all the funk on them. These are all in full sun and have suffered a lot more than the part shaders up at the house. And being down in the garden they've had more exposure to stink bugs and leaf footeds than the ones up by the house.

Then there are the four fall tomatoes in the garden, one each of Creole, Early Girl, Golden Girl and Large Red Cherry. They're in shade until about noon so they've gotten a bit stretched but the ones in the back that get the most shade will be moved to the full sun pallets with those five others. They were all started from seed 6/4 and transplanted to the buckets on 6/28. A couple are starting to set a tomato or two.

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If I can find some plants I like at a nursery or a big-box store I might try a couple for a fall crop.
Donna, Zone 9, Texas Gulf Coast
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They still look good to me. They have over-summered so far.

I have 4 Porter and 2 or 3 Medovaya Kaplya plants for the fall garden. (I had to reseed a pot of Medovaya Kaplya because of an unexpected storm in late July got one plant as I was bringing it inside.)
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Medovaya Kaplya translates as Honey Drop. Is it sweet?
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