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Default Baby Pictures

A special thanks to Marsha and Barb for the seed, and recommendations for what does well in the Florida gardens.
Here's some tomatoes and peppers that are coming right along...


The seedlings in the upper-left were just moved to the Solo cups from the 9-cell flats in the lower-right. The two flats in the lower-right was an experiment planting the same seed in both flats - one flat of potting soil, the other of Diatomaceous Earth. I forgot to get a picture of the roots of the DE as compared to the PS. The roods of the seedling in the DE was much, much thicker/fuller that the identical seedling in PS. I'll make sure to get a picture the next time.

The two flats in the upper-right is tomatoes on the left and peppers on the right.

The Solo cup, left-center, is another experiment - tomato cutting in water, trying to root. I also have some cuttings in a homemade cloner, to see if the cutting root any faster in the cloner.

The round container in the lower left is green onion bottoms from store bought green onions, that are getting ready to go into the garden.


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They're adorable!
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You must be very proud. Looks great.
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Proud Papa!!
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Love baby plants. Great job!
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Nice! I like the entrepreneurial spirit of propagating store stuff. I grew some peppers from a little packet of Domino's crushed pepper they include with their pizzas.

Here's a picture of my babies that will turn 4 weeks old on Saturday, at which time they will move to 4" pots. There are 94 varieties in there.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 020815 Seedlings.JPG (472.5 KB, 76 views)
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Looking Good Mike.

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Thanks everyone!

Charley, those seedling look great! Good story about the pizza hut seed...I often wondered it seeds in commercially dried chilies would germinate. I figured they used heat to dry the chilies, which would not be too good for the seed. I've got some dried New Mexico chilies and Guajillo chili pods from the market in the cupboard. I think I give them a try.

Another similar story...I once picked up some fresh cubanelle chilies from a local produce stand. One of the chilies was starting to turn red. I took some fresh seed from that chili, and stuck in some potting soil. No cleaning, drying, or anything. Those seeds sprouted really fast. I guess the seed was already hydrated from being in the chili, and that promoted the fast germination.

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