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Sounds delicious. I use knee-high panty hose. The white ones for nurses are often 25cents a pair. Handy for all sorts of filtering. The top edge stretches over my sprayer. And washable. I soak and ferment garlic and red pepper flakes for a yard spray to keep the deer away. Add a bit of DE for some bugs.
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Back when I regularly made (fresh) horse manure tea, I considered any grubs and larva to be a bonus. Bug juice tea is good stuff! I personally wouldn't try to pasteurize. Also, when a compost pile heats up, good bacteria die off along with the bad. They just repopulate the pile quickly as it cools.

Kelp4less is great if you just need a small amount of multiple products to try, but if you are looking to buy in bulk, 40-50lb bags from other sources the price can easily be 50-75% less per pound compared to K4L's bulk price. It's also worth comparing prices with Boogie Brew if you are looking to try a variety of products.

This is the best quality:price for blackstrap molasses I have found. The price fluctuates regularly, it was $16 when I purchased it. This one is very high in calcium.

Liquid molasses is a lot easier to use and store than dried. Especially if you live in a humid region...
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