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Default Around construction sites.

Originally Posted by GoDawgs View Post
Here's another application from last February with the balls atop some stakes to hold deer netting above fairly young blueberry plants. I had to tape some pvc pipe to the poles to give the greenhouse clips somewhere to secure the netting. A brick holds the ends down. Hmmm, that reminds me it's time to do it again as the berries are about the size of BB's right now!

These little nifty end caps protect us men/women’s from poking you eyes out,impaling yourself etc.When splicing the next rebar cage ,these come of,supposed to save them,nah.Some yes,but for furniture bottoms,stake safety etc.Another choice.
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I use irrigation pipe. Comes in a big roll and already curved, Cut the ends at a
point for an easy push into the soil.

Dollar store tennis balls, unless for the sport, but decent pup toys. Good idea for
garden stake toppers. I've got a few on stakes down the driveway to help guide the
way after a light snowfall that is not enough to bother shoveling but covers the path
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