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Melissa S
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Default 1890 Garden and Tomato Advertisements

I came across some ads for various garden suppliers in an issue of Lippincott's magazine from February of 1890, and thought they would be fun to share as a curiosity.

Tomatoes mentioned by name are: Lorillard, Cumberland Red, and Peach.

Suppliers with ads in the magazine are: A.D. Cowan & Co., Wm. H. Moon Co., D.M. Ferry & Co., W. Atlee Burpee & Co , Landreth & Sons, Parsons & Sons Co., Critchell & Co., Henry A Steer, Alfred Bridgeman, C.W. Park, F B. Mills, Johnson & Stokes. Listing out all the names so they're indexed for search.

Note: Lippincott's Magazine ran monthly from 1868 to 1916. Many of the original magazines are expensive to purchase, but full text for many issues is available online.

Here are the photos!

Stokes ad mentioning Cumberland Red and Peach tomatoes:

Full page with gardening ads including the Cowan ad mentioning the Lorillard tomato:

Full page of gardening ads, no tomatoes mentioned by name:

Happy tomato-ing,
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TY! Back then, there were quite a few rascals in the seed supply business who would buy seed and "re-brand" it to their own new/latest/greatest variety. Mike/Victory Seeds may correct me here but I believe Peach was.originally a A.W. Livingston variety.
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