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Friend woke up to coyotes yipping out his front door at night.
Grabbed his 22 and shot the noisy one straight out the door.
What freaked him out though was the one to his left coming to take him out while he was fixated on the noisy one.
He was a sharpshooter in the military, and made quick work lf the silent one coming from the left.
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Originally Posted by ContainerTed View Post
Well, this county has one less coyote. This afternoon, just before dark, I saw one sneaking up on one of our newest calves. It was a long shot, but my 30-06 is sighted in at 150 yards and I had loaded in some 110 gr hollow points just for this kind of situation. When I dropped the hammer, the results were instantaneous and I think very humane given the circumstances. I won't show the results, because it would serve no purpose. The remains resemble a damaged canine rug. I put some of the remains on fence posts at the back of the pasture because the local game warden had told me that tends to keep the live ones away for a while.

We've lost two calves in the last three months. And, I know the coyotes are just trying to make a living. I've tried to allow them to "pass thru" as long as they do that. But when they lock on to one of the stock and go into the stalk, I can't let that go.

It doesn't feel good when you have to protect property, but it has to be done. If we don't do something, then we might as well just give up and sell the herd. I'm not inclined to give up.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Wish me Happy Birthday tomorrow.

Happy Birthday. You could get yourself a Great Pyrenees...or possibly a donkey. They are both supposed to be great defense against coyotes.
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Hey Ted, happy birthday! I hope the fence post thing works to keep others away.
We have coyotes here on the island now as well. They likely crossed on the ice in winter, and for at least a decade have been spreading across from west to east. There is a bounty on them, and at least one coyote-wolf cross was identified among those shot.

They aren't too commonly seen here but there have been some sightings in the past couple of years in our region. I saw one trotting across my garden early in the morning, did not see me standing by the window inside. I was surprised it looked fairly small - not much bigger than a fox really. It had very bold, clear eyes and actually a nice looking animal - but I wouldn't make that mistake. A young woman was attacked and killed, walking on a hiking trail in Nova Scotia. I'm sure they would attack anything they can bring down, if hungry enough and see the opportunity.

We had foxes around for a few years which really seemed to take care of the snowshoe hare issues, so I was glad to have them. But they stopped coming around, about the same time as mr. coyote came through. Have not seen any since.
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I used to watch cottontail rabbits do their mating dance down by the barn. But no more. I saw one rabbit out by the garden this past summer, and that was the only one. Half a dozen years ago, I had to check the deeper grass or weeds for baby rabbits before mowing. No more. The deer my wife thinks of as pets that graze in the front yard almost nightly are gone.

There's a lot of them around here with some reddish clumps of fur on their shoulders. My brother thought he was feeding foxes at the back of his city lot, but when I finally got a look at them, he couldn't believe me when I told him they were coyotes. At about 30+ pounds, I've never seen a fox that big.

It's time to take a stand.
Owner & Sole Operator Of
The Muddy Bucket Farm

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Bring back fur coats.
We used to get $35 to $45 a hide back in the late 70's.
A Falling Knife Has No Handle

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Nice shot, Ted. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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I'm late to the thread (I haven't yet read it), and puzzled.
Why would anyone be afraid of a currant tomato?
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Originally Posted by Tormato View Post
I'm late to the thread (I haven't yet read it), and puzzled.
Why would anyone be afraid of a currant tomato?
According to the title, the Coyotes have been spotted; clearly they are diseased. That can be frightening.
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