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I use Daconil especially early in the season as it is a very good preventive spray for early blight. I also use copper for speck and spot diseases and to help prevent gray mold. Foliage diseases are part of growing tomatoes down here and if left untreated very few plants will survive here. I used Seremade for two summers in an attempt to remain totally organic and had disastrous results. It may help some where disease pressure is light but for me it was a bust.

Bleach spray is another very useful thing if done correctly and used early enough in the disease process.

As for the abundant soil diseases prevalent here I now graft all my tomatoes and as a result have much longer lived plants with far less foliage diseases because the plants are not weakened by the soil diseases. Grafting or growing in soil free containers are the only methods that will work for growing healthy delicious heirloom type tomatoes here.
When the humidity and temperatures are high the foliage diseases will eventually become a problem and I try to use the most effective and least dangerous products to help prevent them.

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chlorothalonil , daconil

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