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You could also spray your fruit with a mixture of garlic, cayenne pepper, jalapeno pepper and white pepper. I put it in a milk bottle and let it brew. Strain in and place into a spray bottle. Spray whatever the critters are eating after every rain. They will learn by the garlic smell to leave them alone. All critters, with the exception of birds, will leave your fruits alone. Just be sure to wash them before consuming them yourself.
This works great for me. It even keeps the deer at bay.
~ Patti ~
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somebody said moth balls in the garden to deter them.
Never heard of that one before.
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Just fyi, mothballs are somewhat toxic, from what I read. Pets eat them occasionally and get sick.
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Yes everyone please use traps not poison; even if you put poison where no other critters can get to it, once the rat eats it, it can go into your yard or a neighbor's, die there and get eaten by a pet. That almost happened to one of my dogs, our empty house next door had rat poison in the garage and I caught my dog with a dead rat in his mouth, luckily before he had a chance to eat it I called the owners and they immediately removed the bait.
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