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I have to say that the aphid situation here in the past year has been not at all good! Battle with aphids is enough to make you cut down on your growing.
I may just grow few tomatoes in the greenhouse this year, and spend more time working on sealing it up better.

The last time I had a bad aphid year, we had a ton of paper wasps around the following summer. They'd hover around the place ants were getting in, and just pick em off the trail. Between that and my efforts inside, they were wiped out and replaced the following year with a different kind of ants that also seemed to eat the aphid tending ants.
It's all so complicated.
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Originally Posted by zipcode View Post
Not sure how people use the neem, but it's best to use an emulsifier to mix it with water (like soap). If it's actually better than a common oil however, is debatable to me. What you need to do is have a decent concentration, otherwise it's kinda for nothing. You need at least 3%, preferably 4-5, and about 90% will die in one application.
Having to do it inside sure doesn't sound like fun though. How did they get there? Are you overwintering peppers?
Agreed on neem oil. If you're not putting in an emulsifier, make sure to spray after the afternoon sun, especially in zone 6 and above during those blazing summer days. Otherwise, you're just putting oil on leaves and they about to get a really really nice tan. You won't like the results.
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