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Default cracking

Yesterday I must have picked fifty grape and cherry tomatoes and had to throw out half because of cracking. Every year we have cracking but this years its a menace. We have had a lot of storms. Maybe this accounts for it. I don't know. Its frustrating


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yeah - a period of a dry spell followed by heavy rain = cracking ... frustrating.

I've tried to get around this by keeping the mater patch well watered throughout the growing season. However, I guess some tomatoes can be "prone" to cracking because of their "genes".

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Some varieties are especially prone to cracking, and some crack less.

I try to pick all 'blushing' maters before a rainfall is forecasted. Of course, this may not be always possible... Also, when the rain stops, I do not rush into the garden to pick tomatoes, as sometimes even a perfectly-looking tomato may crack just sitting on the counter, if picked shortly after the rain. I noticed that the 'post-picking' cracking can be minimized by waiting for humidity to subside...

The 'better solution' is to search for varieties that do not crack that badly... although not all the commercial seed vendor may comment on cracking in their seed description.

Which varieties are you growing?


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Yes, lot's of cracking this year due to rain.

What I do:

1. I sun dry cracked ones. They taste pretty good even they are not full ripe.

2. I put the cracked ones under a fan to dry up the cracks so that they would not rot before they are ripe.

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