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Bill our experiences are in sync except I am not getting fruit set. I think it's because I allowed too much mitecdamage before I learned about the mite mix. Again this is my first year.. ��

When looking at my older (spring) tomatoes plants they are empty stalks from soil to about 4 ft up and then the tops branch out for 2 feet of leaves. No fruit set occurring. Should I just pull them and plant new?
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If you have seedlings ready to go out I would go ahead and plant them after pulling the old plants. If you don't have seedlings ready then go buy some like Big Beef or whatever is still available because I don't think you have time to start from seed this late. It is always easier to get fruit set from young plants than from old ones. I set out a bed of around 20 plants around the 6th or 7th of August and may set out a few more at the end of the month but that is risky. It will all depend on whether I have room to plant more.

I have kept the spider mites under good control so far this summer but a hot dry August and September could cause more problems. I have sprayed at the first sign of mites and not waited for them to spread and do significant damage. Last year I waited too long to react on the first invasion and ended up pulling a few plants that were just too damaged. Since then I haven't waited; but have mixed up my spray and used it that afternoon or early the next morning. I am also keeping my new plants sprayed so they keep a coating of DE on them during this prime time of the year for spider mites. The spray is also keeping the whiteflies under some control and has virtually wiped out the stink bugs and leaf footed bugs. It also helps with foliage and fruit worms and a good coating of DE reduces sun scald on exposed fruit. I must warn you to only spray at daylight or dusk to prevent killing bees and wasps which are both beneficial.

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