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Default Need quick help

In central part of,outside Columbia, South Carolina have plants 3 ft high with many golf ball size tomatoes and beautiful plants.Totally mulched, no water ever on leaves, 2 daconil sprays @ 10 days, neem oil 2 weeks after planting.
100% care of plants with beautiful plants, fruit & blooms.
ALARM; 3 days ago saw edges, only, of some middle level leaves turning brown.Just around fringe of leaves, will spread to discolor all of leaf, brown/yellow.
Have looked at 6/8 pages of ID pictures and can not ID specific problem.
Used Red's clorox spray @ evening yesterday.Will spray with daconil this evening.
Please any help appreciated.
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Need pics.
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Check the mulch. What is it? Hopefully not something that has been treated with weed killer! Obviously, if you think it could be a problem, pull it away from the plants and flush the base of the plants with water.

Has it been very windy there?

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Marginal leaf burn can sometimes be spray damage--It's where the last of the droplets evaporate.
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Look for bacterial canker and be ready to pull them fast. Good luck.
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You are right bacterial canker.Six tomatoes out of 30 plants, completely wiped out.Do you know of good fact sheet / article on this disease.At this point my main objective is to NOT have this next year.Want to know ALL preventive measures to take so this will not show up next year.
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Spray with a copper fungicide and remove as many diseases leaves as possible. Don't spray with Neem again because that could very well be the culprit in this heat. I get that sometimes after spraying with different things and it takes several days for all of it to appear. Watch new growth and see if it is on those new leaves if it isn't it may well be spray damage. I will not use Neem when it is hitting over 90 because of damage it has caused me in the past when I used it this time of the year in a failed attempt at stopping spider mites with it. The bleach spray can cause some leaf burn if it was sprayed to the point of runoff or was a bit too strong.

It would really help to see some photos though.

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