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Default Can I eat my blotchy fruit?

Can I eat any part of my blotchy tomatoes?
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Well, soft bits or woody bits suck, but your body can eat anything including dirt (well, a little dirt) without damage. If the blotches bother you, peel the suckers. And trim away objectionable bits then suck the rest down. (Unless you have too many tomatoes... )

"Suck"? What is this, a new symptom?

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sure you can. just trim away any parts that are not of a normal texture. (even those parts would be edible, just perhaps not tasty)

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Originally Posted by cecilsgarden1958 View Post
Can I eat any part of my blotchy tomatoes?
Cecil, I answered you with lots of links and explanations in the previous thread you put up about the same topic.

And also asked you some questions.

Yes,I also have had blotchy fruits, but not that often.

So please read the link above for all of that.

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