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Default Who Has The Oldest Earthbox Here?

I scored 7 used EBs today--for free! On of all places, I happened upon a post that was almost a week old and thought for sure they were gone but I messaged the man anyways. Surprise, still there. So I rushed over today.
2 were about 5 yrs old, with casters. The other 5, to my surprise, were ones I had never seen before. The older gentleman said they were the first he bought about 15 yrs ago. They were heavy and built like Sherman tanks. The inner design was different so you have to lay down these grid-like things on the bottom so that the screen lays flat on them. He gave me enough of the covers to last me a lifetime and more, a shopping bag stuffed with new ones. He made his own platforms w/ casters for them too, so you can roll them anywhere. Pretty cool.
So now I'm wondering, who else here has these "vintage" EBs? The drain hole looks smaller, that is the only thing I am concerned about but the former owner said he grew corn every year without fail.
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