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Default Four O Clocks and Hornworms

I've grown Four O Clocks in the past, and they did OK -- never seemed to come back well, just grew as annuals, though I was growing them in a warmer area than this -- but I was also even more frantically busy then and perhaps they didn't get enough care.

I suspect that they'd grow here as long as I dug the tubers in fall -- and abundant flowering in mid-late summer, especially once I had grown tubers to replant, is attractive -- but I'm somewhat concerned about who all they might attract.

I gather from discussions I've seen concerning them that they vary widely in fragrance. Whether this variation is due to genetic properties of the particular seed/strain planted or to some aspect of growing conditions I don't know. Does anyone?

And . . . if they did produce the delightful fragrance many report . . . how bad are they about attracting pregnant tomato hornworm parents to the area? Anyone noticed?

I've never had a hornworm problem -- but I believe the parent moth is generally listed as living throughout the 48 states as well as in southern Canada and parts of Mexico -- so I don't think I can't count on their not coming here unless they have an aversion to altitude?

And we don't have roadrunners to deal with them. Lots of magpies, which would probably like them, but I'm not sure they're adapted to tomato hornworm hunting.

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