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I read the fertilization chapter of the Engeland's book last night. He has used mixture of fish and kelp meal mixed with water and used as foliar feed during spring. He recommended 3-4 sprays at 2 weeks intervals when the shoots start growing and not to do it after the weather gets hot in May (for me that means end of June). He recommended foliar sprays, but mentioned that topdressing with blood meal or ammonium nitrate could also be done.
Fish meal is not sold here, but maybe I try with kelp extract as spray, because it is supposed to make the shoots more cold tolerant, which is essential here.

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The elderly NY garlic farmer I bought my first seed stock from told me to give it a good top dressing with 10-10-10 fertilizer in April (or whenever I pull the winter mulch cover off). Then he said I could apply it again in May, but that's it.

I did this the first several years and had excellent harvests. Then for some reason I stopped this practice and my harvests have been a bit pitiful using just a general liquid fertilizer.

This year I'm getting myself some fresh 10-10-10 fertilizer and going back to my original practice to see what happens.
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My garlic beds get a dose of compost and/or composted manure at fall prep and then a granular composted chicken manure product in April when it is a couple inches tall. All cloves made it through the winter and are a couple inches tall now.
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