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oakley, I would love to try pickling the scapes, so could you please share the recipe?

Yesterday I made garlic scape hummus and today I used some in stir-fry, but there are too many scapes to use fresh in cooking. I picked a plastic shopping bag full of scapes on Saturday.

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Here it is. I thought I posted it here somewhere.
Lots of options on the 'google'.

You can spin them whole in the jar or cut them up. Whole can be cut up/chopped and
will have a fresh-from-the-garden flavor. Chopped, breaks the cell wall and pickles

Like mentioned, and others have recipes, the best way is to give it a go and adjust to
your liking. Try them after 2-4hrs, 24hrs, and the next few days.
(I often freeze them after 24hrs)...really depends on your fridge temp. And fine to leave
them on the counter a few hours after pouring the brine.

If you are still overwhelmed with harvest do try the blanch/chop/freeze...

We make KoreanNoodleBowl and soups all winter. A nice addition.
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