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Extinguish Plus is the best product out there for fire ant elimination IMO. I am a pest control operator and graduated from UF in pest control Technology. Amdro tends to push fire ant colonies to other area's, at least here in Florida. These products are completely safe when following label law. It does not take much bait to kill the whole nest. The plus stands for an insect growth regulator so it will hinder the molting process completely. Spread the bait around the mound, roughly 2 tbs should do it. Never place bait directly over mound! Once finished with mounds, best to broadcast around the yard using about 1/4 lb per 10,000 sq. ft. lot. A fire ant colony will search for food over 100 ft away so no need to load up too much around the mound. I treat over 600 homes per year and never have I had a sickness with an animal getting to it. Sprinkled into the lawn, your pet will not be able to get to it under the grass! Remember, this product kills tiny ants, not a 10 lb or greater animal.They would have to get into your bag to harm them so always seal the bag properly and store high up, not on the ground if you have animals.
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Originally Posted by brownrexx View Post
We don't have fire ants in PA thankfully. What do they eat?
Everything. You want some of mine?
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I was replanting some onions because I lost a good many of the really small ones in the last freeze and when moving the mulch in one of the beds with onions I found a big bed of fire ants and luckily didn't get stung but it sure stopped my trying to replant there.

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Looks like Fertilome's Come and Get It spinosad ant bait is labeled for fire ants, but is not OMRI certified, and may have a bit less active ingredient than the Monteray bait. Have not tried them yet.
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