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Old November 11, 2017   #16
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Thanks! I got super lucky with some of the genetics because I have a small urban farm with limited space and with a few of my crosses there was only a 1 in 64 chance I'd recombine a few of the recessives and voila! It happened. A small seed company has already reached out to me about distributing them as soon as they are stabilized in a couple of years!!

Here were some of my early shape results that might be helpful

-Pear x Round = F1 Round, F2 Round, F3 25% pear, F3 selected for pear...

-Pear x Heart = F1 Oval, F2 20% Oval, 30% Heart, 30% Pear, 10% Round, F3 selected for pear...

-Pear x Oval = F1 Oval, F2 70% oval, 20% round, 10% pear-ish, F3 selected for pear...

-Pear x Pear = F1 100% Pear (already fixed recessives of course)....
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Luck is a wonderful thing! Especially in the genetics roulette.
Thanks for posting those ratios.
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WOW!! Those look terrific. which will you grow out this season? Choices, choices...
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