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Old December 12, 2011   #136
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Originally Posted by Tania View Post
Placed my order yesterday, just could not resist acquiring more tomatoes for my seed collection! It must be the tomato cabin fever...

EDITED TO ADD: Did anyone order SHERRY'S SWEET HEART? It is a bit odd to see a 'plain' pink heart tomato offered by Brad. I wonder what is in its parentage and what is special about this tomato?
No, I did not order it, as I was not sufficiently intrigued by the description and no history given
I'm also a victim of tomato cabin fever...and my order did include Sherry's Sweet Heart...I'm sure there's something special about it.
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Old December 12, 2011   #137
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Kath, I will be looking for your report on Sherry's Sweet Heart in summer!
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Old December 17, 2011   #138
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As another tomato cabin fever victim and fan of WBF tomatoes, I just placed my order for solar flare, golden gates, yellow and pink furry boar. Am wondering where I will plant them, but guess I will figure that out later. Am also wondering why cherokee green was listed as new release, limited supply?

Thanks to the folks here to the alert for new WBF tomatoes!
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Old December 18, 2011   #139
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Wow I ordered three different times from wild boar. I keep looking at the tomatoes saying oh I should have got that one instead I think I ended up with 10 variety's from wild boar then I ordered 3 more from Ohio heirloom. Good thing I am putting in a few more raised beds....I am going to have to put more beds in if I keep looking....
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Old December 28, 2012   #140
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I'll be growing Solar Flare and BlueBerry Blend from WBF; among others, this year.

Keep up the amazing work, Brad.
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Old December 28, 2012   #141
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My 1 Solar Flame plant was loaded last fall, nice not to strong taste
Attached Images
File Type: jpg solar flame.jpg (470.3 KB, 404 views)
File Type: jpg solar flame2.jpg (367.1 KB, 400 views)
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Old December 28, 2012   #142
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I got Indigo Apple, Blue Beauty, and Wine Jug [back in November] Now I have to wait for spring....
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Old December 31, 2012   #143
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Gnome, thanks, good luck and let me know how they do for you.

FILMNET, lovely fruit set. Glad it was good for you.

Willys, thanks for the purchase, good luck and report back. Should be an exciting season.

Thanks to all for supporting small organic farmers and the creation of new tomato varieties.
Brad Gates-Wild Boar Farms
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Old January 14, 2013   #144
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Default A word about Wild Boar Farms

I placed my order on Thurs. and my seeds arrived today.
Four days from California to South Carolina is amazingly fast service.

And my packs had a few extra seeds in them.

Thanks, Brad.

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Old January 28, 2013   #145
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I managed to whittle the list down to AAA Sweet Solana, Amethyst Jewel, Beauty King, Berkeley Tie-Dye, Blue Beauty, Indigo Apple, Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye, and Pork Chop! Can't wait to start sowing!

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Old October 31, 2016   #146
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Well, my Wild Boar order has been placed for 2017, how about yours
Zone 5 CNY
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Old January 16, 2017   #147
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Wild Boar Farms is featured on Baker Creek's seed catalogs.
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Old May 10, 2018   #148
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I'm growing

Secret Sauce (short)
Dark Queen
Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye
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Old July 4, 2018   #149
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There is a really nice selction of WBF varieties at Baker Creek. My expereince with BC is good - they have fair pricing & postage:
Amos Coli Tomato, Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomato, Berkeley Tie-Dye Green Tomato, Black Beauty Tomato, Blue Beauty Tomato, Blue Berries Tomato, Blue Cream Berries Tomato, Blue Gold Berries Tomato, Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato, Chestnut Chocolate Tomato, Cosmic Eclipse Tomato, Dark Galaxy Tomato, Indigo Apple Tomato, Large Barred Boar Tomato, Lucid Gem Tomato, Michael Pollan Tomato, Napa Chardonnay Blush Tomato, Napa Rose Blush Tomato, Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato, Pink Boar Tomato, Pork Chop Tomato, Solar Flare Tomato, Sweet Carneros Pink Tomato
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Old November 27, 2018   #150
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Default 4 New WBF Varieties

Wild Boar Farms has 4 new releases available now!
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