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Default White Harvest Seed Co.

I want to post a recommendation for White Harvest Seed Co. in Hartville, MO

I have no connection with this business whatsoever, I've never even spoken with them - I order online. I'm just a satisfied, and very impressed, repeat customer.

White Harvest Seed is a small, family-operated business in the Missouri Ozarks. They offer a very nice free catalog, a good but somewhat limited selection of varieties (they're small), top quality seeds, and absolutely great service. I have ordered from them for several years now, and all my experiences have been very positive.

But here's the thing: Some of the vegetable seeds they offer are propagated and produced by them in-house and are unavailable elsewhere - that's pretty unique in the seed business. I order as many different seeds as I can from them because they're obviously a business that deserves my support, but what makes me keep coming back to them is that they offer THE BEST CUCUMBER VARIETY EVER and I can't get it anywhere else. I'm tellin' ya!

They call it their Item #2107 "JAPANESE LONG" cucumber, and in my experience it is 'way better than Suyo or other similar long, dark green, burpless, Asian varieties. These cukes are good up to 18" long, have a mild flavor, thin skin, small seeds, and are great for both slicing and pickling. They are amazingly productive. I planted one pack of the seeds along 8' of wire fence last year, and we had all the slicing and salad cukes we wanted all summer long, AND I canned 53 quarts of pickles!

Just good information I want to share.
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Always nice to hear of a good, family-run, small business! Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks Ozark, nice site and pretty good prices on some things. Definitely worth a look!
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Thanks! Always looking for a new thin-skinned small seeded cuke to try.
I'll take a look at their offerings.
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Ozark, is the cucumber good and crunchy?? I have found that most oriental cukes are quite watery, which I don't like.. For that reason I always grow Armenian. I'm going to try yours, and will let you know.I requested a catalog-
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Yes, the cukes are crisp and crunchy fresh from the garden.

For pickling, it made a huge improvement in my cucumber pickles when I learned to add a small amount of food grade CALCIUM CHLORIDE to the brine in each jar before sealing.

1/8 tsp. to a pint jar, 1/4 tsp. to a quart jar. Calcium chloride is sold as "pickle crisp" for that purpose, but it's available much cheaper generically from home winemaking / brewing supply shops. No more soft pickles!
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