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Old March 29, 2019   #16
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I have a different theory...

Those party cups are too large for small paper towel seedlings. Craig uses a six pack for dense planting. That cup doesn't have enough roots soaking up the water. Save those cups for transplanting from a six pack cell to final pot up of an individual plant and harden off outdoors.

Do tell what mix this is. I've seen that black sliver before, but there's quite a variety of other material in there.

- Lisa
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Old April 7, 2019   #17
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Thought I would give an update. I repotted all of them. They are doing much better now and I will be thinking them to one per cup here soon. I’m thinking that the starting mix I used was just really poor quality. I’ll be sticking to happy frog from now on.

Even this little one that had its only 2 cotyledons fall off is coming back!

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Old April 7, 2019   #18
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they do look good.
carolyn k
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Old April 7, 2019   #19
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Much better! Watch the water still, though, they look very wet.
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Old April 8, 2019   #21
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Whoot whoot! On the mend. Let your cups dry out to the point of feeling almost
empty. Maybe wait a few days before thinning so you can keep the most strong,
one per cup.

Make sure you have some back-up plants. If you have an extra cup or two, use them
for testing...I only top water 5 min after potting up and tap the cup on your table
to remove any air gaps. Let them dry out, really dry out. Only feed half diluted
every other watering. When one feels lightweight/dry, set it in a container of water
to bottom feed and take it out when it feels 'full'. Should take just a few minutes.

Best to not water the entire tray. The healthier plants will dry out faster being
thirstier. The weak will be consistently soggy making them even weaker.
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