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I love Fedco and order something from them every year. But I don't always need $30 worth of seeds to save the $5.00 shipping charge. So another friend and I combine orders and that solves the shipping problem. We sometimes even buy a larger packet of a given veggie, which is generally a better deal per oz and then split it. I'm getting ready soon to organize my seeds and see what I need for 2018.
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I wasn't a member when this post originated but I wanted to throw in a hooray for Fedco. It is a great grass roots organization located in an old chicken barn in central Maine. Go visit if you have the chance and talk to some of the coop workers. They live good agriculture there and the whole operation just has a fantastic vibe. I have many, many seeds from Fedco and have never had germination issues. There are many wonderful small seed companies that I really like and Fedco is right up there for me.
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Originally Posted by MissS View Post
Exactly! I am a single parent. I have a child that I am trying to put through college. I had a deadbeat for a husband that died owing me over $160,000 in child support. I scrimp every which way and I don't like to waste my money on seeds with poor germination rates. Thank goodness gardeners are generous people or I would have never been able to start my own gardens. That is why I try to pass it forward every chance that I get.

This reminded me that I need to replenish my supply!

I've always had difficulty germinating Rosa Bianca, and I've read that others do too. I've bought from three different sources, Seed Savers is one I tried two years in a row.

The only reason I continue is that a friend dearly loves them. I have never bought from Fedco, not would I hesitate to order from them. I am picky too, but based on one seed type considering the glowing reports they get from so many here would narrow my choices unnecessarily.

Hopefully this will be a better eggplant seed year.
- Lisa
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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Best post ever.
Aww thanks Worth. Hoping you and your kitty (Booboo?) are snuggly warm this cold winter’s night.

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I got together with a couple friends to order out of Johnny's knowing their prices were a bit higher than I normally pay ( okay a lot higher) but their shipping limit is ridiculous. I was flabbergasted. our order came to 450.00. thankfully most of it was not mine. the box came to my address and was unbelievably small. I wanted a tool to plant lettuce... 665.00. the paper pot planter.... oyvey. 995.00 plus the paper pots and seeder plates for it. the tilther... 665.00 I. just. can't. buy. this. stuff.
carolyn k
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All that stuff can be bought direct from China for half the price or less. What sucks about the PP transplanter is you have to buy the pots forever.
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Default A Fedco Fan

I've ordered from Fedco for more than 20 years and love their pricing, seed quantities, selection for northern gardeners, fast shipping and somewhat entertaining, opinionated descriptions. They let you choose substitutions if necessary, or just they send a cash refund sometimes. A great co-op!
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