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Jeannine Anne
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Might be of interest to someone..

I have an area that gets very little sun but I always try to grow something in it. Kale never gets much of a priority as my overall space is limited since I moved a couple of years ago so it won the prize for the worst place in the garden. I grew Red Russian and Lacinto, well we are halfway through March now and I am still eating both !! The shade didn't seem to bother them, they went through a drought, lost a lot of their leaves at the end of the year, still leaving me some harvest though. Due to laziness on my part they were left in their spot and they have bucked up , they are growing very well and frankly I am starting to get fed up eating it LOL. They are pretty much the same, but I think the Red Russian is maybe a bit better growth wise.. oh and I am just starting to eat the flower heads which are a bit like sprouting broccoli..

My kale seed collection is on my table as we speak and I am trying very hard to coax myself to plant a different kind as I have some pretty rare seeds...but..............

Have fun

XX Jeannine
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I always try to grow out something rare along with the old standards, to get fresh seed and pass it along to others. That also gives you a nice way of comparing flavor and yield. I hope you can get a few more kinds started and into the garden this year!
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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
I know about the nutrition and all but some time ago they started putting what I think was raw kale on plates to pretty it up.
I tried a peace and it was hard and tasteless.

Your talking to a guy that has always since a child and still eats cabbage hearts raw as a snack when I am cutting it up.

I was the family human goat of the house and would eat a whole apple seeds and all and only the stem would be left.


I think you're on to something, Worth. The raw food faze got people eating raw kale, but it traditionally has always been served cooked.

Kale naturally has oxalic acid in it to protect it from animals & insects. Oxalic acid can cause lots of problems, such as gout, kidney stones, and muscle pains. Unless it's cooked, in which case the oxalic acid decreases. So your basic reaction was right on target!
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Fred Hempel
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Highland Kale. Not exactly Kale, but similar and much more tender and less bitter when growing in hot conditions.

One drawback, it bolts earlier, so sowing more plants is advised.
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Thank y'all for responding! I will enjoy trying the recipes y'all posted.
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The only kind I have grown is Dwarf Blue Curled Vates - but it was a winner for me. For some reason mine was gigantic - one plant was easily a yard high and across. It kept producing through hot summer and cold winter for 2 years! Even after it went to seed it kept growing and still tasted good, with most leaves remaining tender. When I finally removed the plant a few weeks ago, I was stunned when I saw the size of the main stem. I had to use my branch trimmer to cut through it! It was a good 3" thick.
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