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Here's a link if you really want to try to ferment beets:

Don't get excited and click on it too many times. There is a limit on how many free articles you can read from that site.

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Originally Posted by Tracydr View Post
Fonseca- is your arugula outside during summer? I had no idea it would grow here in the summer and never heard of an arugula perennial ! Now I'm excited!
Yes indeed! Look for "Sylvetta", sometimes sold as "Perennial Arugula". Johnny Seeds sells an olive-leaf sylvetta as well. Both are much more bolt-resistant in the heat than regular arugula.

I grow in containers, and move mine into part shade in the hottest months. They do slow down mid-summer, but production picks up again in the fall. I overwintered a few plants in the greenhouse which are finally putting out enough leaves to use.
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